A complete guide into SMS marketing best practices that every retailer should follow in 2021

As a business owner, we tend to believe that SMS marketing is a spam. We think customers will never look at our SMS or even respond to us. However, that’s far from true! In fact, a lot of customers’ love receiving text messages from their favourite businesses.

Following this statement up with a statistic, SMS gets a whopping 98% open rate! This doesn’t happen with any other medium. In fact, the message gets read within 3 seconds of being received. That’s the power of SMS.

However, for any marketing strategy to work for your business, it needs to be done well. Your ultimate goal is to convert with this strategy, and for that the message has to work.

Here are a few best practices that we suggest you should follow when driving more conversions with SMS marketing in 2021.

#1 Get Consent

When the customer is checking out of your store, after giving you their mobile number, make sure to tell them they will receive communication from your business. As a rule, getting consent will help you fare better with your strategies. It will also help build trust in the target audience.

Make sure the customer opts-in for the text messages. If they do, you know they want to receive communication from your business.

#2 Simple & Relevant

Every message that you send to your customers should be simple. It should not contain too many slangs, as people may not get what you are saying. It should also be relevant to the customer.

If it is a new customer, make sure you are targeting them with a campaign that resonates with them. A simple, conversational and relevant message will get a good click rate, which is essential for your business.

#3 Add Value

When you send a communication, you should offer them some value. Why would they want to click the link? Think of someone who would be receiving your message. If it has nothing that attracts them, they will simply click on delete.

When you add a CTA to your message, make sure it is direct and to-the-point. You want the customer to take the action. So, try and use CTAs that tell them something. A “leave a review” CTA will tell them what needs to be done. “Show this message to get reward” tells them what to expect.

#4 Personalize the Message

As basic as it sounds, a lot of us fail to do it. The lack of personalization can lead to it being a spam. What we mean by personalization goes beyond the first name of the customer. It should be targeted towards them.

For instance, if a customer has not been engaging with the brand for a while, you might want to send them a re-engagement SMS. This would help them connect with what you are saying and get them to visit you sooner.

#5 Set a Frequency

You don’t want to communicate too less or too often with your customers. Try to hit the right balance with how many messages are too many messages, and get the right number.

It is a good idea to send the message during business hours. Sending a message at odd hours can hinder the customer’s privacy, and they may not like it much. Lastly, you may want to tell who you are in the message. Adding your brand’s name can ensure that the customer connects with the message better.

#6 Track Every Message

This is something that you should not avoid. Make sure to track every single text message that goes out of your phone. It is important to know how customers interact with the message, and whether or not they click.

If the message or the strategy doesn’t work, you might want to change it. Tracking gives you an overall view into how your message should be and what connects best with the audience.

Summing Up

SMS marketing is a great way to boost conversions and converse with your customers. You can increase repeat visits with text messages. However, make sure to tell the customers about opting in for the text messages.

You should also make sure you send personalized and relevant messages to the customer while maintaining a proper frequency. Lastly, offer value to the customers in every message that you send so that they feel connected with your business, and come back to your store sooner.