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In the aftermath of Covid-19, restaurants, salons and other offline retailers are struggling hard to sustain. As the competition for customer's attention increases, it has never been more crucial for retailers to have a 360-degree view of the people who keep them in the business.

Retailers that are able to better understand and directly reach their customers have a competitive advantage. However, small & mid-sized businesses face challenges adapting to this reality because the technology is too complex or the cost is too high. As a result, they fly blind most times.

That’s why we started Reelo - to make intelligent customer engagement simple, accessible and affordable through a technology-driven and customer-centric approach. We’re passionate about empowering retailers to compete and succeed in the internet world with remarkably simple and effective customer marketing tools.

Our guiding principles

Here are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

Customer first

Our success revolves around our customers’ success. We constantly devise ways to know them better and make their lives easier.

Autonomy & Ownership

We display ownership in our thoughts and actions. We look for opportunities, and keep moving forward towards our goals.

Push for High Standards

We play to win. We are achievers who love challenges but cannot compromise on the quality of our outcome.

Embrace the adventure

We’re not afraid of falling down in our attempt to reach higher. We stay hungry, embrace our mistakes, and keep moving forward.

Mission & Metrics

We’re determined in transforming our bold ambitions into reality. We commit maniacally to both our mission and metrics.

Our Story

Reelo was co-founded in Nov 2017 by brother-duo Parin and Prit Sanghvi, who come from a family of retailers. Both understood the pains of growing old school retail business and built something to provide a better way - for everybody.

“We’re building easy tools to empower people and enable the small guy become big in the internet world.”

Parin Sanghvi & Prit Sanghvi


We’re committed to building a diverse team and a work environment that’s inclusive of people of all backgrounds. We are separated by geography and united by our passion to create incredible products that make way for customer success.

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