3 Best Reasons Why Email Marketing Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy in India

by Dhruvi Savsani

If you want your business to increase reach and personalise communication at the right time, email marketing should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why!

Is email marketing relevant for a retailer? Yes! Can email marketing actually help create the impact the retailer sets out to? Again, yes!

Emails are helpful in formulating a cost-effective yet efficient way of reaching your customer, engaging them and making them come back to the store.

You are in direct contact with your end customer, and that itself is a major achievement for your business. To top it, you can personalize these emails, make them more relevant and keep the communication easy and fun for the customers. All these things do nothing but improve customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.

Emails are a great way to tell your customers about new launches, the upcoming sales, discounts and deals.

Social media is definitely the game-changer for restaurant and retail businesses. But you know what they say, right? When the results of one strategy starts falling, email marketing always comes to the rescue. Yes, that much is the power of email marketing!

More than half of the world is using email right now as it serves as a two way communication with your audience. So, if you are still wondering how emails fill the marketing cup with their effectiveness and help you increase retail sales, keep reading further.

Reasons You Should Adopt Email Marketing

In 2018 alone, the average emails that were sent and received per day was 293.6Bn. Considering we have all isolated ourselves in the pandemic and other unprecedented factors, this number must have definitely gone up.

An average email click-through rate has been estimated at 3.43%, which is more than the other channels.

At least 61% of the customers love receiving promotional emails from their favourite businesses every week.

If these reasons still aren’t enough, read on!

1. Makes your Conversations Personal

While it is virtual, this medium can make any conversation seem personal and effective. An email sent to your customer with their name, an emoji and content that has been carefully curated for them will work wonders.

However, it is important to segment the customers first and then send the personalized emails. Targeted emails have the potential to perform extremely well and are relevant to the customers.

For example, say you are a restaurant owner. One of your customers who is making repeated visits at your outlet always orders the same food. This is a great opportunity to persuade him to visit again. How? By creating your loyalty campaign and sending him relevant rewards or deals via email. Personalised emails, relevant rewards, and timely communication will not only help you improve restaurant customer loyalty, but even achieve your customer engagement goals.

It is email that allows you to speak to your customers, and make them convert faster. Of course, it was also segmentation that allowed you to go one notch higher with personalization.

With Reelo, a CRM with automated emails, you can easily design your own loyalty program, personalize the communication, and send emails to your customers in seconds.

2. It Skyrockets your ROI

Do emails really help in skyrocketing your ROI? Well, duh! Believe it or not, you get 44x your investment with emails. Your investment? Well, that is hardly a dollar.

When people see a communication either welcoming them or offering them discounts, they tend to open and read it. Wouldn’t you do that too? Imagine, someone sent a letter to you and offered you tickets for your favourite movie, what would you do? You would definitely go watch the movie!

Yes, that’s how email marketing with personalized efforts works! It makes the customer happy, and they want to use the deal that you just gave them.

Even a small email that says we missed you has a good impact on the customer. They remember you immediately, and want to come back and shop at your store. For a retail business like yours, sending personalized email campaigns is an effective way to improve your retail customer engagement and drive more sales.

But how about going for email marketing with SMS? It will definitely be a winning situation for you. Well, be it bringing back your customers or celebrating their special occasions, Reelo helps you in sending automated and personalized emails and SMS quickly and effectively. Leverage email marketing carefully and you will definitely see an increase in your customer engagement and retention.

3. Boosts your Branding Efforts

Every time an email is sent from your account, it reinforces your brand. With a campaign, you can add your logo, your business name, and even send it via your business address. All of this put together, will ensure good branding for your business. Basically, you will need to add your brand’s identity to the emails for stronger recall, improved customer loyalty and better connection.

Eventually, with consistency and branding, your customers will know that you have sent an email, and they will be excited to open it. Customer engagement and retention goes a long way. It helps you increase retail sales, improve brand reputation, and build trust with your customers.

Summing Up

If you have been ignoring this massive opportunity to engage your customers, think again. You might want to explore this channel and boost the conversions for your business.

Emails have a better reach as compared to most channels. There are plenty of opportunities within an email to widen the reach and increase the conversions.

Make sure to drive a data-backed email content that immediately connects with your customer for better conversions. It’s time to start with your email marketing campaigns by signing up for Reelo’s 14-day free trial — Create customized campaigns, get incredible retail & restaurant campaign ideas, and choose from thousands of templates to make the most out of your email marketing campaign.

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