5 Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Restaurant Business

by Deepa Bagga

Email marketing tips for restaurant growth

Here's how restaurant owners can grow their business with top 5 email marketing tips.

As a restaurant owner, donning multiple hats; ROI is a crucial term for you. Whenever you think about marketing, you probably think about ROI first. Despite the stage set by multiple platforms for marketing, email still remains the most cost-effective and profitable channel for all marketers.

An email is a direct communication that enters the customers’ mobile devices, persuading them to open the same. Big brands like Barbeque Nation, McDonalds, Starbucks and others know of the power of email. That is why they are very keen on regularly sending emails to their customers whenever there has been a launch of an item or when they have promotional offers.

They have realised the value that an email delivers — it speaks to the customer and makes them come back sooner. Here’s how you can grow your repeat customer base and build a stronger brand connect with email marketing. Reason why restaurant business fail because they don’t follow these practices:

5 Email Marketing Tips to Grow Restaurant Business

1. Grow your list

It is always a good idea to collect the customer’s email details while they are checking out. It is this list that comes handy when you want to send them communication.

A lot of owners tend to leave out this huge opportunity of converting a simple transaction into regular business.

When customers are leaving your restaurant, ask them to fill in their contact details, including email address. Tell them why you need it. Show them the value they will gain from sharing their email. You can tell them how they would receive the smallest promotional detail to the live event details on email.

2. Segment your List

Creating a list is just the first step towards growing your restaurant business with email marketing. You might want to segment the list as well to ensure that the customers are into clusters where they belong. For instance, the new customer list should be different from the loyal customer list.

How will this help your business grow? It will ensure you know your customers, understand how they feel about your brand, and send messages that resonate with them. A “miss you” message will not resonate with new customers. Similarly, a “thank you message” may not resonate with customers who are not engaged with your business.

Through Reelo, the best restaurant crm, you can detailed customer insights, eliminating your efforts to segment the customer list separately. And the best part? Measuring customer engagement becomes more simple.

3. Personalise the Promotions

When a customer has visited your outlet for the very first time, you might want to send them an email thanking them. You can also include deals or offers to encourage them to come back. They will probably come back to the store sooner than they had planned.

If you haven’t seen a regular customer in a long while, you might want to send them a simple ‘’miss you’’ email. It can also include some discounts for them.

To get the small restaurant promotion ideas, sign up on Reelo. After you have signed up on Reelo and activated your campaigns, you can get hands on various campaign types based on your objective.

Choose from thousands of templates and see which one fits the best.

4. Move Away from Bulk Blasts

This is something that we believe in, and truly want every business owner to realise. Bulk blasts are no longer helpful. You might land in the spam folder if you follow “one message suits all” philosophy.

You need to think of providing value to the customers and dive deeper into their needs before conducting promotional marketing. The segmentation and the personalised promotions along with a few other additional elements can help you make the communication more personal and effective. Make sure to optimise every deal and promotional campaign for the end customer.

5. Nurture Every Customer

Frequent communication can help you stay at the top of the customer’s minds. You will need to nurture every customer and make sure they resonate with what you have to offer.

To make the engagement fruitful and easy, make sure to start a loyalty program for your business. Add customers to the program, offer them real value, make them feel appreciated and converse with them via emails.

This level of personalised nurturing will ensure the customer stays in the business for a longer while, and will help you convert better.

Summing Up

There are various types of promotions and brand engagement emails that you can send your customers. Add value with every communication as that will help you get more conversions.

It is important that you maintain a frequency of your communication. Make sure the communication is effective, relevant and personal for you to engage with them and keep them coming back to your business.

Check out our campaigns to realise the value you can create with beautiful templates and compelling messages. With the best SMS and email marketing software, you can create your next campaign in less than 3 minutes and get more customers to your store.

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