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by Ayushi Jain

4 Simple Ways to Improve Google Restaurant Reviews

Do you want to boost your Google restaurant reviews? Here is an ultimate guide to help you with the same.

Did you know that, according to pos.toasttab, 60% of consumers read online reviews before going out for dining?

They trust reviews written by other customers as much as they trust the recommendations of their close friends and family. Google restaurant reviews act as social proof of a restaurant’s credibility. These reviews make it easy for them to make an informed decision. A well-written review can positively impact the success of a restaurant.

It’s important to keep a close check on both ratings and reviews. They indicate the quality of food, ambience, and overall service. The more positive, the higher the credibility. There, it is important to keep increasing the number.

Here are some hacks to increase your google restaurant reviews and change the perception of your customers.

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4 Ways to Effectively Increase Your Google Restaurant Reviews

1. Make your customers a priority

Appreciating your customers is important for various reasons. Showing gratitude will make them feel special and valued. Remember, a happy customer is most likely to return to the restaurant and spread a positive word about the same.

Simply put, the more satisfied the customers, the more they are likely to leave a positive review for a restaurant. It’s important to treat the customers well and meet their expectations.

For example, incorporate their feedback, say ‘Thank you’ every time they visit the restaurant, or offer them loyalty incentives. Rewards and loyalty points are effective ways to turn the customers into regulars. You can create a custom loyalty program on Reelo and incentivize repeat purchases & increase customer engagement.

Make sure to follow a step by step guide to create an engaging and remarkable loyalty program.

2. Leverage your social media channels

Don’t just let your social media channels be about your product or services.

Customers often search for restaurants online through Google or social media. Social media channels like Instagram significantly increase reviews or ratings for restaurants. Thus, staying on top of your social media game is always better.

Building an online presence can help in nurturing your customer relationship. Moreover, it will help improve your business reputation and garner engagement.

Sharing your customer reviews will only help in building trust and driving sales. Studies say that 88% of consumers trust online reviews. So as your sales go up, you can ask your customers to leave a review on Google. But make sure to provide a link to them for the same.

Look at how Summer Fridays utilized the Instagram story feature to post a review shared by their customers.

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3. Utilize different tools

It is important to harness tools and technology that can automate the entire process. An automated process can help in reducing time, increasing performance, and reducing manual errors.

Skip the old methods of providing the manual feedback form. Instead adapt to effective platforms like Reelo. Through this platform, you can create a customized feedback form and send it on channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and email. You can either send the feedback link immediately after they leave the restaurant or pick up a date and time.

That’s not it. One even has the opportunity to increase reviews or ratings of restaurants on Google and other platforms. Make sure to leverage it and persuade customers to share their ratings and reviews online.

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Bonus: Reelo even sends negative review alerts, allowing you to resolve the issue quickly. And here’s how you can respond to negative reviews quickly and improve your reputation.


4. Leverage user-generated content

Using user-generated content will help you serve as an excellent social proof. Your customers are more likely to trust the recommendations of other customers.

User-generated content can help increase your restaurant’s credibility and raise brand awareness. But, when you give them credit, it will encourage others to talk about your restaurant service as well; it’s because people love attention, especially when it comes from their favourite brands.

When you are using user-generated content, make sure to highlight them on your social media handles or website (if any). Don’t forget to utlilize the tempting food and ambience pictures as well. Seeing actual content from other customers will make your brand look more authentic, encouraging more positive reviews.



Well, a positive review and compelling picture from your customers is all you need to increase your customer retention and increase reviews.

Summing Up…

In the F&B industry, it is crucial to understand your customers’ perceptions and improve their experiences accordingly. Google restaurant reviews are essential for customers to choose the right place to eat.

These reviews allow them to analyze and understand the overall service of the restaurant. Positive reviews can even help your restaurant business to show up higher on search engine results, increasing your visibility.

Thus, it is important to encourage more positive reviews to stay ahead of the competition. Also, you can sign up on Reelo to seamlessly send Google review forms to your customers and increase the number constantly.

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