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by Dhruvi Savsani

What is Restaurant CRM? How Does It Help You To Grow Your Restaurant Business?

Learn how a restaurant CRM can help you grow your restaurant business exponentially.

Any dining experience is more than just having food. It is about the experience, service, engagement, and how a customer feels after visiting your restaurant.

People are revolutionizing the digital world and it is more important to adapt to the change now than ever. With a gradual shift from offline to online, it has become crucial to understand customer behavior in order to provide them with the best service.

Being a restaurant owner, growing your business is as important as sustaining it. Although it is never easy and did you ever wonder why? Maybe because you might lack customer engagement, loyalty, feedback, and tons of other things that are an essential part of your business’s success.

As we said, it is essential to connect with your customers to build a valuable relationship. And, to do that, you need software like a restaurant CRM, (Customer Relationship Management) that allows you to bridge the gap between you and your customer.

Let’s discuss what a CRM can do for your restaurant and how to make the most out of it for your business.

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What is a CRM in general?

Let’s say you have a business you want to scale. You want to collect and manage customer data, engage with your customers, and increase revenue. But, how? Well, a good Customer Relationship Management platform is the answer. It is a software/tool/platform that allows you to manage all your customer information and online interactions in one place.

Now, let us understand what is CRM for restaurants.

What is restaurant CRM?

A restaurant CRM is a modern platform that centralizes all your customers’ data in one place. It allows you to,

  • Engage with your customers through different campaigns and loyalty programs

  • Integrates with your POS system

  • Manage all your customers’ data and segment the data into different categories like age, gender, purchase history, preferences, etc.

  • Collect, manage and analyze feedback effectively

It is like having a place for everything and having everything in its place.

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How Does A Restaurant CRM Help You Grow Your Business?

Let us share a secret with you - a restaurant CRM has the power to exponentially grow your restaurant business. You can generate 10x times more revenue using a CRM than you are doing now without one (as per statista).

Helps You Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs for restaurants are the easiest way to make your customers come back again and again.

There are a few things that you can do to encourage customer loyalty. One is to make sure that the food and service are consistently excellent. Another way is to offer loyalty rewards such as discounts or freebies to customers.



A restaurant CRM like Reelo allows you to tailor customer loyalty programs based on your preferences and those of your customers. It also increases customer retention, attracts new customers, and helps you get more loyal ones.

Centralize Customer Data and Facilitate Targeted Campaigns

If you want an easy way to store all your customers’ information, setting up a restaurant CRM is your best bet. It not only helps you store all the data but also helps you categorize your customers into different segments.

You can reach out to various segments of customers in a personalized way. For example, with the help of a restaurant CRM, you can categorize your customers into “low spenders” or frequent visitors” based on the average amount spent or frequency of visits respectively. Now with this information, you can send customized campaigns that can be relevant to each group instead of shooting in the dark.

If you are looking for such a CRM then Reelo is your answer. It helps you in sending personalized campaigns to different segments of customers and you know what is the best part? - It is FREE!


Helps You Analyze Sales Trends

A restaurant business CRM tracks everything - right from their names to their most recent orders. Such a comprehensive collection of data provides better insight into your customer activity.

You can track the activities of your customers on the basis of how many times they visited, which day they visited the most, and which dish from the menu got the most orders. Such insights give you the liberty to interact with your customers accordingly through personalized campaigns.

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Allows to Take Actionable Feedback from Customers

Seeking feedback from customers helps you improvise according to your customers’ needs. A restaurant CRM makes it easy to get feedback by sending a simple message requesting feedback that takes just a few seconds of their time.

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With this newly acquired knowledge, you can act on negative feedback to make your customers feel more valued.

Summing Up!

We realize that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful restaurant business, and you need a reliable system to keep track of your customers and run your restaurant smoothly.

With a robust restaurant CRM, you can create a more personalized brand experience for your customers. This can help you in building customer loyalty, increase customer retention, and boost your sales. Try out our 14-day free trial and see your own restaurant CRM in action.

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