5 Hacks to Increase Positive Google Restaurant Reviews

by Harsheen Kamboj

Google reviews

Every business wants to have a reputable image online. Google reviews are one of the best ways to build a strong brand image for restaurants. Here's a guide on how to get more positive Google reviews for restaurants!

Introduction: Google Restaurant Reviews

We live in a world where customer awareness and market competitiveness is at its peak. All this has led to cutthroat competition, especially in the restaurant industry. Attracting new customers to a restaurant is not everyone's cup of tea.

Various factors go behind a customer's decision to try out a new restaurant or food outlet. One such factor is Google reviews. Modern-day customers are likely to see Google restaurant reviews before they visit or order something. These customer reviews act as testimonials of the restaurant's customer service, ambience, food, etc. But do you know why Google reviews are this significant for a restaurant?

Infographic showing importance of online reviews

Let's do a quick fact-check! Do you know that around 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as individual suggestions? Do you know that 57% of customers visit a website after reading positive customer reviews? Undoubtedly, innumerable reasons indicate the importance of positive Google reviews for a restaurant. So, without further ado, let's read about some tips that help increase positive restaurant reviews.

5 Tips to Increase Positive Google Restaurant Reviews

The Internet has become a vital part of all our lives. From online shopping to payments, digital tools have become too handy. Online activity of customers is also increasing day by day. With this increased online activity, online reviews and feedback have become testimonials for any business. Google ratings and reviews lend a sense of validation to your restaurant. While your customers might be leaving good reviews online, we have some hacks that you can use to get more approving Google reviews for your restaurant!

1. Offer Reward Points for Reviews

What will people get in return for a review? Well, you might get good reviews, but not every visitor is going to rate your restaurant for nothing in return. As a result, it is preferable to use reward points for such customers. Reward points will motivate the customers to write a restaurant review for you. You tell them how they can redeem those points on their next visit after giving a review of their experience. While this will act as an incentive for them, you might get a loyal customer on board.

2. Send Personalised Offers or Gifts

One of the best ways to tackle negative reviews is by sending a handwritten note. If you have received a negative review on any food item, send a handwritten note with a small package to that customer. This will help build personal customer relationships.

personalized gifts example

3. Leverage Happy Customer Experiences

How do you define a happy customer experience? Take a look at these situations: you have made a breakthrough for a customer, they have loved your services, they are praising your staff, etc. All these moments are happy customer experiences. It is a known fact that happy and satisfied customers rate you positively. So, you can ask these happy customers to give you a Google review. At these moments, customers will be inclined to review your services online.

A picture of food experience posted on social media

Here's a pro tip: You can capture the happy moments with the customer and post them on social media.

For instance, your customer celebrated their birthday in your restaurant, and you gave them a complimentary dish. This happy moment can be an Instagram post for your restaurant's page. Moreover, you can record a video of a happy customer and share it on social media.

4. Respond to All Reviews: Positive & Negative

A trustworthy brand is not one that likes the positives but one that wants to improve the negatives. If you want to build customer loyalty for your restaurant, then you need to be responsive to all kinds of feedback. Hence, positive and negative reviews become equally significant for a seamless customer experience at your restaurant.

Responding to negative reviews helps your customers get emotional support. They know that there is someone who can help them with their orders, payments, food quality, ambience, and overall customer experience.

5. Easy Feedback Surveys

Why do you think getting a genuine review is a difficult task? There can be hundreds of reasons, but the most common is the lack of easy, fast, and understandable feedback systems that also direct you to online review websites. An easy and engaging feedback system helps you get quick reviews from customers. Moreover, attractive feedback survey systems help to attract and convince the customer to give your restaurant a positive review. Restaurants often look for a simple and quick tool that can integrate with their billing software, get customer feedback, and redirect customers to post online reviews—all of this in simple and easy steps.

If you are also looking for such a tool, then Reelo is for you! It is the perfect tool for enabling a delightful, quick, and easy-to-use feedback system for your restaurant. The emoji interface of Reelo's feedback feature (shown below) attracts the customer to file a quick review:

Reelo's interactive interface for feedback collection

Reelo's feedback system has features like the availability of customizable surveys, automated follow-ups, integration with the loyalty program, the posting of positive reviews online, and much more. It also reminds restaurant managers of any negative reviews posted about the restaurant. All in all, it helps you get a better understanding of customer preferences and behaviour.

Reelo's alert feature on any negative feedback

You can use Reelo's feedback system to get more positive Google restaurant reviews. Try it for free right now! Book your free demo, today!

Final Thoughts!

A genuine and positive restaurant review goes a long way. It helps your restaurant stand out from the rest. The above-mentioned tips will unquestionably help you get more and more positive reviews for your restaurant. You can read more about increasing Google reviews here.

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