How to use CRM Reports to Increase Restaurant Sales?

by Harsheen Kamboj

How to use CRM Reports to Increase Restaurant Sales

Analyzing restaurant CRM reports will help you provide a better guest experience for your restaurant. Read more here on how the reports from CRM software can help restaurants make more money.

Do you know the major difference between traditional and modern business? Well, there can be hundreds of differences, but data collection tops all of them. One of the major drawbacks of traditional businessmen was that they didn't know how to track customer data.

Data is a vital part of modern businesses. Every business aims to not only collect data but also use it to provide a better customer experience. Restaurants also collect a lot of customer data through CRM reports in their day-to-day operations. However, not every restaurant owner realises the importance of such a huge database. Even if someone knows, they don't know how to use it to increase restaurant sales.

Big food outlets like Starbucks, McDonald's, Subway, and others have collected customer data and used it over years to reach the mark of success. With the increase in online orders in recent years, it has become critical to capture customer data and use it for business growth. The CRM of any restaurant is the core of customer data collection.

It generates reports that provide insights about customer behaviour and preferences. CRM reports can be used for different sales and marketing strategies. If tracked and analysed properly, these can help improve performance, generate demand, beat the competition, align products and services, increase sales, and whatnot!

In today's blog, we will be discussing the importance of CRM reports and how Reelo's CRM reports help you boost restaurant sales. Let's read on!

Why are CRM Reports Important for Restaurant Sales?

CRM (customer relationship management) reports are an extremely important component of a restaurant business. These reports provide valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, which can help restaurants identify trends and patterns. Here are the top three benefits of using CRM reports:

1. Sales and marketing automation:

A CRM system provides the restaurant with automated workflows that enables the management to focus on strategic tasks. CRM reports give direction to create relevant marketing campaigns. Customer data collected through such campaigns can be analysed and tested for different approaches. Moreover, restaurants can also see an improvement in quality leads and sales with CRM reports analysis.

2. Customer service:

The customer is the king of any market. A restaurant should invest in a CRM that helps them to provide the best customer service. With CRM reports, you can understand what your customers order the most, which customers are most likely to return, and which promotions are most effective. This information can help you understand the customers and provide them with personalised experiences.

3. Business operations:

CRM reports not only affect the decisions related to marketing and sales but also determine a lot of business operations. The customer behaviour patterns are analysed to inform decisions about inventory management, staffing, and other operational aspects of a restaurant business. These aspects are important to have a smooth functioning of internal business activities.

CRM reports also help in identifying customer needs, which can result in demand generation. Additionally, these reports let you increase customer engagement and retention. All these functionalities allow you to increase restaurant sales and revenue.

How to use Reelo's CRM Reports for more Restaurant Sales?

Reelo captures customer data and presents unique insights about your customers. These insights can help you have multiple business benefits. Some of the ways Reelo's CRM reports help are:

1. Customer Feedback:

We have talked about the significance of customer feedback numerous times. Restaurants can ask their customers for feedback with our delightful feedback surveys. Reelo's reports help you get customer feedback insights simply and understandably. Thus, you not only provide a valuable experience to your customers but also get unique insights for your business.

With Reelo, you can see your customer's ratings, daily feedback responses, category-wise ratings, and how your customers discover you! You can follow up on this feedback and send personalised campaigns using Reelo to increase restaurant sales.

For instance, one of our famous users analysed customer feedback and understood that their customers are finding garnished strawberries on the cakes sour. They followed this feedback and started testing garnishing fruits the same way they test other raw ingredients. Hence, with our feedback reports, they retargeted their negative reviews and improved their brand value. Feedback_Reelo_28c3598b59.png

2. Customer Insights:

Reelo's reports help you know your customers like never before. As a restaurant business, it is extremely important that you know which customers are first-time visitors, who visit you the most, who are your repeat customers, the average spend at your restaurant, and more! You can use this data to target your first-time customers with rewards.

Moreover, Reelo's customer insights segment your customers into categories like new, VIP, loyal, and lost customers. This way, you can target these customers with specially curated campaigns. Our system also provides you with pro tips that can work wonders for increasing your customer visits. Customer_Insights_Reelo_550740ad5c.png

3. Campaign Performance:

Marketing campaigns form an important part of any restaurant business. But it all goes waste if you can't measure the performance of your campaigns. Reelo solves this problem for you and provides you with a user-friendly interface to track the return on every campaign. Restaurants can check the total revenue generated from every campaign along with the visit rate. This gives you an idea about the performance of your campaigns and if you need to change them. 7.png

4. Loyalty Performance:

Having a rewards program is a plus for any business, especially restaurants. With Reelo, you can not only build a loyalty program but also know if it is targeting the right customer for you. The CRM reports by Reelo help you know the revenue generated from loyalty, the reward redemption rate, and your top redeeming customers. Moreover, it also tells you the best time when maximum redemption happens. image.png

5. Business Overview:

While Reelo helps you know the metrics for every campaign and feedback, it provides you with a complete picture of your business. The reports help you know the net sales, visits, rewards redemption, average order value, and more! Hence, it gives you insights into the overall performance of your business.

All these insights from Reelo's CRM reports help you to have a better understanding of customer preferences. Ultimately, these reports will help you increase restaurant sales and revenues.

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Essentials for Better Utilisation of CRM Reports

By now you have understood how CRM reports play an important role in boosting restaurant sales. Let's see what some essential things you should have for better utilisation of these reports:

  • A well-integrated POS: POS acts as the brain of restaurant management. So, make sure you have a well-integrated POS.

  • A centralised CRM solution: Your CRM software should master the customer database by segmenting it properly. Make sure data is segmented and centralised.

  • Automation: Automation is the future of restaurant operations. It will help in providing customer engagement.

  • Personalisation: Your CRM should have the ability to personalise campaigns so that you can follow up on the reports well.

We hope you are now clear about the importance of CRM reporting and how to use it. If you are a restaurant owner looking for CRM that helps you grow your business, then choose Reelo! Reelo can be your perfect partner in growing your business on a budget. Get in touch, and our experts will help you out.

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